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WCWAA Micro Coaches and Team Parents page
  1. Welcome coaches.  Thank you!


  1. Safety 1st
    1. Shin guards-MANDATORY (under socks)
    2. Lightning Detection System 1-15 second blast w/ lights-STOP PLAY and get kids off field ASAP.


  1. Rain-out, visit Website  (News Feed) or check micro page.
    1. Email through website (If games are called early enough)
    2. Sometimes it is a game time decision.
    3. If field is open, it is always up to parents in questionable weather.


  1. Skills Night is a group practice, set-up and run by league trainers.  With the assistance from high school volunteers, the trainers create a fun environment and teach the players awesome soccer skills that they will use for years to come.  Coaches are encouraged to watch and use these drills for warm-ups before the games.


  1. Games
    1. 10-15 minute warm-up practice
    2. 45 minute game.
    3. Water breaks
    4. No hands


  1. Division B Rules
    1. 3v3 no goalie
    2. Starting position in a triangle.  1 drop and 2 up top.
    3. Side lines are a reference.  Parents and coaches can keep ball in play.
    4. Introduce throw-ins halfway through the season, as kids progress.
    5. Only goal kicks when ball is kicked behind goals (no corner kicks)


  1. Division A Rules
    1. 4v4 plus goalies
    2. Recommendation for field players into a diamond shape.  1 drop 2 mid and 1 up top.
    3. Throw-ins when ball is obviously out-of-bounds from side lines.
    4. Balls kicked past the goal line by attacking team, a goal kick is given.
    5. On goal kicks, the other team needs to drop past the mid-field line.
    6. Balls kicked past the goal line by defending team, a corner kick is given.
    7. NO punting from the goalie.  When goalie picks up the ball from the goal box, they can drop to their feet to make a pass, dribble or roll to a teamate.


  1. Team Parent 
    • Refer team parent to the bottom of the coach’s corner page on the micro website
    • / MICRO / COACH’s Corner
    • Or forward link


  1. Scheduling
    1. Field set-up and schedule posted at entrance.
    2. Team pictures (TBA) - Games to begin as soon as pictures are done.
    3. Final games as scheduled, unless there are 3 or more rain outs (make-up weekend is possible)


  1. Have FUN!!!!!!!  Give the team a name.  Create a fun environment.  Try not to keep score.  If your team has a big goal differential, pull a player or tell them they must pass at least 3 times before they can shoot.


  1. Team Bag provided at coach’s meeting
    1. Each player gets team shirt
    2. Please check team roster before you give out shirts and please count them.
    3. 2 Adult shirts for coach and assistant or co-coach
    4. Team ball
    5. Dicks sporting goods coupons
    6. Division A gets a goalie penny


Team Parent

  • Please set up a Snack Schedule (individually wrapped snack, chips or cookies and juice box or small Gatorade are some suggestions)
  • Trophies (included)
  • Email to get & send the form.
  • Set up end of season celebration.  Could be on field with pizza or cupcakes or other treats.  Some teams like to go out to get pizza or ice cream.
  • Send out reminders for picture day and bye weekend or any other updates.
  • Suggest a small gift of appreciation from the team for the volunteer coaches.
  • Remind players and parents to pick up their trash on the way off the field after each game.


Thank you!