Classic Soccer begins at U11 in the state of North Carolina. All classic teams are registered through and participate in NCYSA sanctioned leagues.  Tryouts for classic teams take place in May each year for the following Fall and Spring season.  Classic soccer is a 2 season commitment for U11-U14 players and a 1 season commitment for U15-U19 players.

At U11 and U12, teams play in a 9v9 format.  Clubs self select the divisions for each team based on the appropriate level for them.  At U11 and U12, NCYSA offers Classic 1st Division, Classic 2nd Division and Classic 3rd Division.  WCWAA teams primarily play in the West Divisions for Classic soccer.  These divisions include teams mainly from the Greater Charlotte area as well as Asheville, Hickory, Huntersville and Boone.

U13 – U19 teams play the 11v11 format.

For the fall of U13, teams continue to self select their division of play.  Beginning with the spring of U13, teams are required to qualify for their division of play.

U14 – U19 teams will play in either Classic 3rd Division, Classic 2nd Division, Classic 1st Division, Premier or SPL based on which division they qualify for.  Teams will participate in the appropriate division each season based on the previous season’s results.

Classic teams train twice a week for 90 minutes each session.  Optional 3rd Night Training sessions are offered for U11 – U14 teams when permitted.  Goalkeeper training is offered for all classic goalkeepers each week during the season.

Classic teams typically play 8-10 regular season games and 2-3 tournaments per season.  The actual number of matches is subject to the availability of team through NCYSA per the level of competition of each team. Tournament assignments are provided to parents at the beginning of each season. All matches are subject to change based on weather, rescheduling issues or situations beyond the control of WCWAA such as the NC mandates associated with the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

All classic and Academy teams begin each season with Preseason Camps in August and January.